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About Friends in the Bay

Friends in the Bay is inspired by all the amazing people I’ve met in the Bay Area over the past few years.

this is a safe friendspace

I moved to the Bay in mid-2017 and throughout my life I’ve lived in various places across the US - Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Colorado and now here, in that order. I can honestly say the Bay has been a magical place to me. I have met so many different kinds of people because almost everyone here is a transplant. And yet, even the few natives I’ve met here also seem to have this same magical quality about them.

I think one might be quick to give it a political label, like socially liberal or something like that, and that might be partly true, but that isn’t it. I think if I had to sum it up, it’s being able to recognize each others differences without feeling any kind of prejudgements or biases toward said differences. While really taking the time to know each other’s stories without invalidating each other’s experiences.

Whatever this magical quality is, I’ve made some friends here that will be with me for a lifetime and have truly shown me what it means to love.

This is our fun friendspace!